Don and Elaine Jones

We have been creating custom stained, etched, and carved glass artwork since 1985. We draw inspiration for our designs from our favorite places – Marco Island, Florida, and the Blue Ridge Mountains – and from our customers all over the world.

Many of our pieces are framed with reclaimed chestnut and other locally sourced hardwoods. They come ready to display and are easy to install. In addition to ready-made artwork, we also offer custom designs and installations.

It is our specialty to work with homeowners and business owners to create unique stained glass and carved glass designs and install the pieces in permanent locations. We look forward to working with you to build a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Marco Island

Since the early 80’s we lived and experienced the “island” life in Marco Island, Florida. Our artwork was heavily influenced by the local colors and environment. We really enjoyed bringing scenes of the area to the homes and businesses of the island; the ocean fauna, shore birds, and everglades were often the subjects of our stained glass and glass carving pieces. All of our work was done on a commission basis and we are still working with the residents, decorators, and contractors of Marco Island and the Naples area.

Beach Mountain Studio

A few years ago, after our four children had grown and left the house, we realized the mountains were calling to us. Having fallen in love with the Fancy Gap area of Virginia, we decided to set up shop in our new home near Galax. Intentionally, our work has changed to reflect our newfound experiences in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We love hiking, biking, and kayaking, and moving here has opened up a new palette for expressing the beauty surrounding us. We enjoy maintaining the high standard and quality our customers are accustomed to, utilizing the wonderful scenery and local culture we enjoy here.